Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our New Friends

Saturday morning the bay was super smooth and the pelicans were waiting on the posts. For some reason my coffee tasted especially good this morning.

Mother Nature Was Hard at Work

We had the most amazing sunset Friday night. It kept changing, these were all taken the same evening.

Water, Water, We Have Water

We finally got our water meter so we were able to hook the water to the house. We had a hot shower every night and a nice cup of hot coffee for breakfast. Yummy!

More Helpers

Granny, Mo and Austin joined us on Sunday morning to help us finish cleaning and loading up all of our stuff for the trip home.

Lower floor ready for sheetrockers

Elissa and Leda came over on Saturday and helped us start the cleanup process. We really like it when we have helpers!

Ready for Sheetrockers

This weekend we finalized all the preparations for the sheetrockers. Delivery is tomorrow and hanging starts on Tuesday. These is are pictures of the upper floor.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back to the grind

Now it's back to our regular schedule. This week I will be getting new carpet installed in the old house while Mike will be busy on his doodie route on Monday and Tuesday. Then it's off to the bay on Wednesday to hopefully tie up some of the loose ends that we have before the sheetrock comes.

Snow defies gravity

The snow seems to defy gravity in Yellowstone. We saw lots of instances of hanging snow up there. It was unbelievable.

Beauty Beauty Everywhere

There are less than 20,000 people that live in the Jackson Hole area, however they have more than 4 million visitors to that area every year. Mike and I went there for a summer vacation a couple of years ago and it was awesome then too. Summer or winter this is a place that everyone should see in their lifetime.

Boys will be Boys

Mike and Kevin couldn't help but "play" in all that awesome snow.

A fabulous vacation

We had a fabulous time in Jackson Hole Wyoming last week. We spent our time enjoying the all that the area has to offer. Here we are on a full day dogsledding trip with took us to a hot spring fed swimming area. The next day we went to Yellowstone and took a full day tour through the park on a van that had snow tracks on it. Absolutely beautiful.

Ready for the Aggie Game

Even the dogs were ready for the big game.

Thanksgiving Dinner

A typical after Thanksgiving dinner photo.

Family Christmas Photo

Florida Pompano's in Texas

We did a little fishing early in the month of December. We fished all day and didn't get a bite until Granny caught this Flounder. Then Morgan hooked onto this fish. We had no idea what it was so we got our handy fish book and identified it as a Florida Pompano. It is evidently one of the most expensive fish that you can buy, so I got on the internet and figured out how to prepare and cook it. It had skin like a catfish except it was really soft. We baked it with the flounder and it was absolutely delicious. Hopefully some more of those Florida fish will come our way this spring. Yummy!

Sharing our bed

We had some critters move into the travel trailer while we were away so we moved out of it and actually slept in one of the bedrooms while we were there. Jack decided he liked our bed to and sneaked onto it every time we turned our backs. Good thing we covered it with plastic when we weren't sleeping.

Time Flies

Wow, I can't believe it's been since October. Sorry for the absence. We have been working on the bayhouse as much as we can, but were slowed down a little by the holidays. We did spend a few days there between Christmas and New Years. We are almost ready for sheetrock. We have a little more plumbing to finish up and a few more wire to run on the electrical and we will be ready. Most of the insulation has been done as well thanks to Lindsey and Jimmie coming down during the Christmas break and helping us. Hopefully by the second week of February we will be done with the sheetrock. Our kitchen cabinets are in and waiting for pickup, so once the sheetrock is done, we will be ready to move ahead. I also have the flooring guy ready. It is all very exciting, especially with spring just around the corner.