Monday, March 7, 2011

A kitchen faucet, garbage disposal, and a couple more pieces of trim are all that we need to finish the kitchen. Tomorrow the carpet will be installed and we will start moving in. It is really almost finished. Mike and I figured out that we have always had a building project working since we got married. I am voting for a break in that streak. Coming soon yard updates! In the middle of all this I have gotten the yard in shape for Spring.

Countertop is in, another ceiling fan and washer and dryer are in place. The stove, refrigerator and dishwasher are also ready.

The weather was really awful Saturday morning after the cold front moved in. Mike was actually holding on and pulling himself onto the porch against the wind in the picture. The waves were splashing over the bulkhead and the pier. It makes it easier to work when there is no possible way that you could fish.

We went down over the past weekend and met the countertop installers. While we were there, we installed doorknobs, ceiling fans, plugs, switches, and plate covers....all the finishing touches.

On Wednesday we worked on the porch and stairs while our painter was inside the house.

Doors and trim got installed last weekend. We worked Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday, but we finished. It took us all week to recover, all that crawling around on the floor putting down baseboard, I'm getting old. I couldn't wait for the painter to see how the color I picked out looked. We call it tropical blue.

Bathroom cabinets and tile in bathroom and kitchen. We are getting close to being finished. I am ready to start enjoying and stop working.

Another beautiful sunset.....

The kitchen cabinets are installed, now we can get the floor in and we can work on the trim.