Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The hummingbirds are back!

We probably had between 15 and 20 hummingbirds in the backyard this afternoon. They are fun to watch and photograph.

Pier Progress

We are about half-way to the main part of the pier.

New visitor at the bay

This awesome sea otter was swimming out around the pier on Thursday when we got to the bay. I am really getting into the wildlife at the bay and at home.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


The first fish off our new pier!

Time to watch sunset and fish

Since it looked like we were going to have another great sunset, we grabbed our chairs and sat to watch. We had enough pier down to get us out over the water so I pulled some shrimp out of the freezer and got my pole.

15 ft down, 240 ft to go

We ended up with 14 and a half feed done. We still have a long way to go!

Headed West

Once all the brace boards were nailed in place we were able to get the first top board screwed down.

Preparation for top boards

We had to get all of the braces put in place before we started putting the top on the pier. Those are 2 x 8 x 20's. They were heavy and not so easy to get all the way to the other end of this pier. Once the boards were pulled to place, we put in a water line and an electrical line for later.


We went down last Wednesday and started putting down the pier boards. This is the before picture.

Our Awesome Birds

One of my favorite things about our new bay house is the pelican population. Every morning when I wake up with my coffee, I can sit on the porch and watch them out on their perches. The gulls are lined up on the pier. That may become a problem.

Beautiful Bouquet

I sent Morgan out to the yard to bring some of the beauty indoors. Everything in this bouquet was picked from the yard!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flowers that survived the Winter

These gerber daisies haven't looked this good all winter. The pansies are spreading like crazy.

The Biggest Rose I've ever seen

When we got married, Mike told be I had gotten the last dozen of roses that I would ever receive from him. He lied, because right now I have thousands and thousands of roses in my yard and hopefully they will bloom all summer long......So much better than getting roses from a florist.

Some of the better individual ones

Rows and rows of Roses

My prettiest roses yet

Today the roses are all open. They are absolutely beautiful.

Back to the Garden

Yesterday I was drinking my coffee on the backporch, watching the birds, and enjoying all the roses that are blooming. Pictures of the roses are coming next.